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I'm Katie, a freelance copywriter for startups + small businesses.

Ready to get your ideas out of the Bouncy Castle and en route to the Log Chute? I’m here to help (no minimum height required). 

We all crave engaging web copy & content..the kind that makes folks want a ticket to the front of the line.

But this doesn’t start with flashing lights and a megaphone; it starts with your words. 

I believe that writing for people first allows the metrics to follow, so I ask careful questions to understand your audience + your brand in order to deliver copy that gets your readers to buy, click, or connect

Whether you need copy from scratch or just a few tweaks, your projects deserve integrity, an eye for detail, and an objective for audience engagement.

Got some pep in your step? 

Head over to my portfolio to view some of my work.

Client Thrills


Website & Print Copy

Perhaps you want your copy to clown around, give your reader that fuzzy feeling, or simply breathe practicality. Let’s chat.

I’ll help set the right tone and messaging to light up your content—without lighting it on fire.

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Email & Social Media Copy

When folks open your emails or view your Instagram feed, do they see a brand that has its act together?

I’ll work with you to dish out consistent, valuable content that makes your audience stick around.

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Explainer Videos

Want to win your ideal customer’s trust? If they don’t understand your product or process, they’ll say buh-bye.

Explainer videos make your message digestible, shareable, & professional, in 2 minutes or less!

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