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sample of product description

Product Names & Descriptions

Client/Industry: Birthday Box / E-commerce

Audience: Gift-givers looking for easy-yet-personal birthday gifts for loved ones.

Tasks: Rename all themed gift boxes and write new box product descriptions

Infographic image

Amazon Infographic Copy

Client/Industry: Sweetzer & Orange / E-commerce

Audience: Females looking for monthly planner

Task: Highlight 6 features of product with concise callout sections of copy

Direct Mailer Postcard

Client/Industry: BidBird / Construction Tech

Audience: Construction project bidders in local area

Tasks: Write copy + design engaging direct mailer postcard to introduce new Depot staging option

Screen shot of two pages of lead magnet

Lead Magnet

Client/Industry: Oxana Colibnic / Health & Wellness

Audience: Women seeking new ways to address panic attacks

Tasks: Reformat key panic attack solutions (provided by client) and reformat into lead magnet; project also included design via Canva

image of brochure

Digital Brochure

Client/Industry: EcoRobotic / EdTech

Audience: K-12 schools interested in robotics programs

Tasks: Write + design brochure via Canva

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