Landing Pages & Websites

"I Love Tax Season" - Said No One Ever

Client / Industry: Let’s Ledger / Accounting

Audience: Small businesses

Task: Compile jargon-heavy accounting services into one clear, sleek Google ads landing page.

4 moisturizer product jars

Power-Packed Products

Client / Industry: Nefertem Skincare / E-Commerce

Audience: Women looking for high-quality skincare products

Task: Revamp Moisturizer product page copy (and suggest wireframes) to highlight key benefits & differentiate the brand.

Hearing is Believing

Client / Industry: Recast / Software (launching 2022)

Audience: Current podcast listeners in finance, media, or government industries

Task: Write an engaging landing page introducing new software that converts articles into podcasts.

Image of client's home page headline

Follow the Law

Client / Industry: Midtown Law / Law firm

Audience: Small businesses

Task: Refresh full-site copy for a law firm to reveal a more personal & trustworthy brand voice.

A Bird Story

Client / Industry: BidBird / Construction Tech

Audience: Construction pros

Task: Write a company About page that focuses on audience benefits and brand values.

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